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The Amirkabir Journal of Mechanical Engineering is one of the publishing journals at Amirkabir University of Technology. The journal has been running for more than 50 years, publishing numerous Persian original articles. From 2017, an English journal, named as AUT Journal of Mechanical Engineering has being published alongside the Persian journal, with two issues per year.

The reviewers of the journal compose of university academics around the world. The review strategy of AJME is single-blind peer review. The editorial board members meet regularly to decide about the articles. The editorial board members are all senior researchers from different universities all over the world. All mechanical engineering fields are of interest to this Journal. The journal scope includes: Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Energy and Environment, Solid Mechanics, Dynamics, Vibration and Control, Production, Biomechanics, Micro and Nanomechanics, Automotive and Transportation, Design and Reliability of Mechanical Systems.

Therefore, all researchers and university lecturers are requested to send their original scientific manuscripts to this journal.

Authors who wish to submit their articles in Persian are invited to visit the journal’s Persian website (MEJ.AUT.AC.IR) to receive writing principles for submission of Persian articles.

Dear researchers, to view the records of the Amirkabir Scientific Research Journal you can use this URL AJSR.AUT.AC.IR and to submit your research papers in Persian, you can use this URL MEJ.AUT.AC.IR address.

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Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022, Pages 313-488 

Experimental Study on the Wear of Liner in Tumbling Mill under Dry and Wet Conditions

Pages 331-340


moslem mohammadi soleymani; aliakbar Majidi Jirandehi; Alireza Arab Solghar

Investigation of Laser Induced Plasma Assisted Ablation of Glass in Presence of Magnetic Field

Pages 401-414


Naser Abbasi; Mohammad Reza Razfar; s.mehdi Rezaei; khosro madanipour; Mohsen Khajehzadeh

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