Revision and publish duration

Amirkabir scientific research journal aims at determining the final status of an article based on the reviewers’ opinion and the decision of the editorial board in a period of four months, and it is part of the editor’s obligations to observe this matter. Please note that after the scientific acceptance of the articles, the executive manager of the journal is obliged to publish the article in a matter of two months.

Notification about the revision results and the reviewer’s opinion

The respected authors can follow the changes in the status of their article via the database of the journal. The corresponding author will be notified of all the changes applied to the status of the article via email.

Changing the title of the university, organization in charge, names,…

Any changes in the order of the authors’ names or the number of authors can only be made by the corresponding author in coordination with the co-authors. Please note that immediately after the scientific acceptance of the article, making any changes in the number or order of the names will not be accepted.

Inquiry about the reasons of articles’ rejection

In case of rejection of an article according to the reviewers, their opinion will be delivered to the authors to contribute to the completion of the article.

Deleting the article from the database

It is possible by sending an email on the journal database by the corresponding author.

Can university students be the corresponding authors of the articles sent to this journal?

For articles sent from the university the corresponding author must be a faculty member whereas this condition does not apply to articles sent from industrial organizations.

Should a new account be created in order to send a new article?

By creating only one user account you will be able to send several articles and follow their status under one account.

Is there a charge for publishing articles?

Amirkabir scientific research journal does not charge any fees for the assessment and publication of the articles.