Development of Theoretical Model to calculate Steam Hammer Force on Shock Absorber in Multi Series Pipeline

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran


This research work allocates to physical models in order to simulate real world results of steam hammer at turbine multi-series pipeline in power plants. The aim of this study is to ivestigate the effect of steam hammer on steam turbine line and calculation of the force on the shock absorber at the end of main pipeline. For this purpose, the new theoretical model based on thermodynamic relationships and accurate calculation of wave speed propagation developed and implemented to physical model. The main achievement of this research is to present a simple and accurate theoretical model that can provide a bridge between hydro-mechanical data and estimates the impact force of the steam hammer on piping by less computational effort than finite element and less costly setup than experimental models. The method of characteristics as a complement to theoretical model applied and compared. In this work, special attention is devoted to the study of the most relevant process parameters, with emphasis on their meaning, effects and mutual interaction. The present paper organizes theoretical model and numerical method of characteristics to predict steam hammer transients behavior in multi-series pipeline. The initial results are promising and indicate the possibility of using proposed simple yet, but efficient theoretical model than finite element models in terms of quality, cost and time consuming of producing results.


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