Vibration analysis of piezoelectric graphene platelets micro-plates

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


Free and forced vibration analyses of micro-plates reinforced with graphene platelets integrated with piezoelectric layers are presented. For thermo-electrical vibration examination, a uniform temperature field and a constant external electric field along the thicknesses of the piezoelectric layers are considered. On the other hand, a uniform in-plane load is regarded along the micro-plate edges for a mechanical free vibration analysis. The Halpin–Tsai micromechanical model is used to estimate the material properties of each layer of the graphene platelets of core layer. A convergence examination is conducted to reach a functionally graded dispersion of graphene platelets layers despite the implementation of several individual graphene platelets layers. Four different distribution patterns of graphene platelets are considered to examine the vibration features for simply-supported boundary condition employing Navier’s technique. Several numerical studies are accomplished to demonstrate the effects of the weight fraction, the distribution pattern, the width and the length of the graphene platelets besides the material length scale parameter, the thickness of the piezoelectric layers, the micro-plate length to the core layer thickness ratio, the applied voltage, the temperature change and the in-plane force on the natural frequencies and the time history response. The results demonstrate that in thermal environment not only reinforcing with graphene platelets does not improve the structural stiffness but also deteriorates it.


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