An experimental investigation on low-velocity impact response of nanoclay-reinforced fiber metal laminates

Document Type : Research Article


1 Young Researchers and Elite Club, Islamic Azad University, West Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


In this experimental study, the effect of nanoclay addition into fiber metal laminates on low-velocity impact response is investigated. The reinforced fiber metal laminates considering 0, 1, 3, and 5 weight percentages of nanoclay were manufactured by hand lay-up technique. The specimens were then subjected to low-velocity impact tests using an instrumented drop-weight test setup at three different energy levels. To gain the range of tolerable impact energies before the fracture occurs, quasi-static tests were performed. Impact behaviors of the fiber metal laminates were compared in terms of force-time and force-displacement responses as well as the final energy absorption of the samples in addition to visual inspection of the damaged area. The results showed that the addition of 1 to 3 wt.% nanoclay into the laminates can improve their impact characteristics. Moreover, a noticeable reduction in physical damage was observed in nano-fiber metal laminates as compared to nano-free ones. On the other hand, it was found that the extra addition of nanoclay into the laminates can decrease their impact characteristics and make them be more brittle specimens than the nano-free samples.


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