Nonlinear Control of Bilateral Teleoperators Interacting Non-passive Termination Forces

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1 Sahand University of Technology

2 Sahand University of Technology,


In this paper, an Interconnection and Damping Assignment Passivity Based Controller (IDA-PBC) is developed for nonlinear bilateral teleoperation system. The aim is to track the position and force in the teleoperation system in the presence of non-passive external interactions and asymmetric variable time-delay in the communication channel. For this end, a nonlinear control law is designed based on the notion of time-delay Port-Hamiltonian systems for unforced teleoperator and the Lyapunov-Krasovskii theorem. Sufficient synthesis conditions are derived in terms of Linear Matrix Inequalities to tune the parameters of IDA-PBC controller. Then, by Lyapunov redesign scheme, an auxiliary controller is developed to assure the stable position tracking in the presence of non-passive operator and/or environment. The main contribution of the proposed method is that the stability and position tracking of system is attained via a fixed-structure controller in the presence of non-passive interaction forces without need to their dynamical models and force sensor. Since the proposed design conditions include the upper bounds of the varying time-delays and their rates; they are less conservative than some rival methods in literature. Finally, transparency of the proposed scheme is proved. Simulation results on a 2-DOF teleoperation system are compared to rival methods to demonstrate the merits of the proposed strategy.


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