Effects of shape memory alloys and carbon nanotubes on the nonlinear aerothermal flutter characteristics of hybrid nanocomposite beam

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1 Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Professor, Malayer,Iran

2 Mechanical Engineering,MAlayer university,Malayer

3 Mechanical Engineering, Malayer University,Malayer


In this study, the effect of aerodynamic and thermal forces on the flutter stability of an epoxy / fiber-based hybrid nanocomposite beam containing shape memory alloy (SMA) wires and reinforced by functionally graduated (FG) distribution of carbon nanotubes (CNT) are investigated. CNTs help to increase the stiffness of the nanocomposite beam, and the SMAs will increase the flutter stability boundaries by inducing tensile stress in the beam due to the increase in temperature and the aerodynamic pressure. In this study, the Brinson model is supposed to present the properties of SMA wires, Also, the Euler-Bernoulli beam model is assumed to be in line with van-karmen nonlinear strains. The boundaries of buckling stability and aerothermodynamic flutter have been investigated by studying the natural frequencies of the hybrid nanocomposite beam and the thermal bifurcation points. The primary objective of this study is to examine the impact of CNT and SMA wire on improving the behavior of a composite beam flutter under the effect of air flow and temperature increase, simultaneously. The results showed that applying these two advanced reinforcing materials having a significant impact on increasing the static and dynamic stabilities of hybrid nanocomposite beams in the thermo-aerodynamic environment.


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