Nonlinear Flutter Analysis of Porous Functionally Graded Plate in Yawed Hypersonic Flow

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Aerospace Engineering, Shahid Sattari Aeronautical University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, an aerothermoelastic analysis of functionally graded plate containing porosities in yawed hypersonic flows is investigated. Due to some incorrect manufacturing processes, two different types of porosity, namely, even and uneven distributions are taken into account. The third-order piston theory is utilized to estimate the unsteady aerodynamic pressure induced by the hypersonic airflow. The material properties of a plate are assumed to vary across the thickness direction according to a simple power law. Based on classical plate theory, the motion equations are developed with geometric nonlinearity taking into consideration of von Karman strains. The formulations are established based on Hamilton’s principle while the generalized differential quadrature method is employed to solve the nonlinear aerothermoelastic equations. Due to lower computational efforts‎, the method of generalized differential quadrature is used to obtain accurate results. Moreover, the assumed mode method along with the Runge-Kutta integration algorithm is used as a solution method. The reliability and precision of the obtained results are validated by published literature. Then, the influence of porosity distribution, porosity coefficient, and yawed flow angle are discussed in detail. In general, this paper shows that even porosity distribution would have a more destabilizing effect compared with the ‎uneven porous model. And also, for both porosity distributions, the chaotic behavior appears in higher top surface temperature but even porosity distribution has a profound effect on chaotic motion.


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