Optimum Diameter and Location of Pipes Containing PCMs in a Channel in Latent and Sensible Heat Transfer

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN


Phase change materials (PCMs) have special properties which make them favorable in the heat transfer purposes. In this paper, two pipes containing PCM, located perpendicular to the flow direction in a channel, are simulated numerically to find out their best diameter and location (their distances from the walls of the channel) in the heat transfer and fluid flow behavior. The governing equations have been solved by the well-known SIMPLE method. At the first part, which, the PCM is in the phase change state (isotherm), and the best location and diameter for the pipes are defined. In the second part, depend on the special heat capacity ratio of the PCM to the fluid, the rate of the temperature increasing of the PCM has been studied. The results of the first part show that the best geometrical parameter depends on the Reynolds and the Prandtl number. In the second part, it is concluded that, the final time which the temperature of the pipes (PCM) reaches the 99% of the temperature of the inlet flow depends on the special heat capacity ratio. The results show that, the best non dimensional diameter of pipes are 0.153 for Re=500 and 0.165 for Re=700 in different Prandtl numbers. Also the best non dimensional distance of pipes from wall is between 0.15 and 0.175 for different Reynolds and Prandtl numbers.


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