Optimization Techniques for Design a shell and tube heat exchanger from an economic viewpoint

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1 Department of mechanical Eng., Islamic Azad university, Roudsar and Amlash branch, Roudsar, Iran

2 Department of mechanical engineering, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

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This paper aims to minimize the total annual cost for a shell and tube heat exchanger based on optimization algorithms. The total annual cost is the sum of the initial cost for the construction of the heat exchanger and the cost of power consumption in the shell and tube heat exchanger. The total annual cost is the objective function, which is minimized. This research uses three optimization algorithms including particle swarm optimization, genetic algorithm, and differential evolution, and three optimization variables including shell’s inside diameter, tubes’ outer diameter, and baffle spacing. Three different studies have been used to compare the results. The results demonstrated that the differential evolution algorithm achieved the most decline in the total annual cost compared to other optimization algorithms. Using differential evolution algorithm, the total annual cost was decreased about 30% in study 1 and about 28.1% in study 2 compared with literature, respectively. The reduction in the total operating cost is about 47.7% for differential evolution algorithm, 45.7% for particle swarm optimization, and 45.3% for genetic algorithm relative to the results reported in the literature for case study 3. Results were compared with at least eight works directly and have been demonstrated in this research.


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