Development of a hybrid WOA-base fuzzy-PID for suppression of structure vibrations under seismic excitations

Document Type : Research Article


Khorasan Institute of Higher Education



This paper proposes an experimental investigation of a four-story structure that is connected to a shaking table. The investigated shaking table is designed with a particular method to produce any kind of vibration amplitude. Also, the whale optimization algorithm is used for the identification of the experimental structure parameters such as mass, stiffness, and damping to show the adaptation of the results collected from the identified model on the results achieved from the linear model. The other idea of this paper is to suggest a novel control strategy that is established by combining PID and fuzzy logic control (FLC), using an optimization procedure called whale optimization algorithm (WOA) for optimum tuning of PID coefficients, the hybrid control method is designed. The main objective of the hybrid WOA-based Fuzzy-PID controller is to reduce the displacement of isolation system without allowing significant increase in the acceleration of superstructure for both far-field and near-field earthquake excitations. The proposed control algorithm is designed and developed on a four-story shear frame, which contains active tuned mass damper(ATMD) on each level. Numerical simulations show that the proposed controller which is a combination of two controllers better mitigates the seismic responses of an ATMD-equipped structure excited by a range of real-data earthquakes.


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