Effect of Stator Dynamics on the Chaotic Behavior of Rotor-Disk-Bearing System under Rub-Impact between Disk and Stator

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Mechanical & Energy Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University


In the present study, the effect of stator dynamics on the chaotic behavior of a rotor-diskbearing system with rub-impact between disk and stator is investigated. The governing equations of motion are derived using Jeffcott model and Newton’s second law and then are made dimensionless. In the beginning, the system is modeled regardless of stator dynamics, and then the stator dynamics is also considered in the modeling of the system. In both cases, the system behavior is studied by bifurcation diagrams, time series diagrams, phase plane diagrams, power spectrum diagrams, Poincaré maps, and maximum Lyapunov exponent, respectively. The obtained results show that the type of stator dynamics modeling has a significant effect on the prediction of the response of a disk-bearing system with rubimpact between disk and stator. In other words, the results show the system has a chaotic behavior without considering the dynamics of the stator in mathematical modeling, while in the case of considering the stator dynamics and using the suitable values for the stator stiffness, the motion behavior of the system can be changed from the chaotic to the regular and periodic motion.


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