Chebyshev Spectral Collocation Method for Flow and Heat Transfer in Magnetohydrodynamic Dissipative Carreau Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet with Internal Heat Generation

Document Type : Research Article


1 Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

2 Works and Physical Planning Department, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

3 Mechanical Engineering Department, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria


In this paper, Chebyshev spectral collocation method is used to solve the unsteady two-dimensional flow and heat transfer of Carreau nanofluid over a stretching sheet subjected to magnetic field, temperature dependent heat source/sink and viscous dissipation. Similarity transformations are used to reduce the systems of the developed governing partial differential equations to nonlinear third and second orders ordinary differential equations which are solved by the numerical method. Good agreements are established between the results of the present numerical solution and the results of Runge- Kutta coupled with shooting method. Using kerosene as the base fluid embedded with the silver (Ag) and copper (Cu) nanoparticles, the effects of pertinent parameters on reduced Nusselt number, flow and heat transfer characteristics of the nanofluid are investigated and discussed. From the results, it is established temperature field and the thermal boundary layers of Ag-Kerosene nanofluid are highly effective when compared with the Cu-Kerosene nanofluid. Heat transfer rate is enhanced by increasing in power-law index and unsteadiness parameter. Skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number can be reduced by magnetic field parameter and they can be enhanced by increasing the aligned angle. Friction factor is depreciated and the rate of heat transfer increases by increasing the Weissenberg number. It is hope that the present work will enhance the study of the flow and heat transfer processes.


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