Fault Analysis of Complex Systems via Dynamic Bayesian Network

Document Type : Research Article


Aerospace Research Institute, Ministry of science, research and technology, Tehran, Iran


Nowadays, several components and systems are designed and produced based on reliability. Since the reliability criterion has an important role in purchasing and implementation of these systems. In the design of a reliable system, fault and failure analysis must be carried out in order to reduce fault probability of the system. When dependency and the relation between components of a complex system are important and should be mentioned, determination of system reliability is very difficult. In this paper, dynamic fault tree is used to evaluate the systems reliability that their behavior is varied with time. Dynamic fault tree is constructed and then it converted to dynamic bayesian network. In this paper, the principle of dynamic fault tree gates and their mapping into dynamic bayesian are explained and some new relations between events and gates for this mapping are proposed. GeNIe package is used to determine dynamic bayesian network based on stochastic sampling algorithms. Four systems (cardiac assist system, hypothetical cascaded priority-and system, inertial navigation system/ global positioning system integrated, and emergency detection system) are investigated; reliability and fault probability of these systems are calculated. Comparison of the results with those obtained by other researches shows the proposed method effectiveness for systems reliability modeling and assessment via dynamic bayesian network.


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